ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation
ITEA 4 is the Eureka Cluster on software innovation

Information & Image Management Systems

nformation & Image Management Systems, S.A. (I&IMS), founded in 1991 and Barcelona-based company, aims at developing integrated image, information and telecommunications solutions.

I&IMS develops its own image and document management software applications, offering technological solutions adapted to every client’s concrete needs.

The main products are:

  • DocuRemote: modular software application designed for remote IP-cameras monitoring and control, motion detection, alarm management and digital MPEG-image archive. It integrates the simultaneous monitoring of up to 16 cameras at a time, with a selection possibility of up to 256 available, intelligent detection of dynamic changes, exportation of interest sequences through specific visor - including watermark , etc.
  • ModalVision: modular application to monitor, archive, print and export radiological images. It integrates a DICOM server, through which it feeds with associated images and data resulting from the different connected modalities (CR, CT, MR, etc.) and maintains its own database which enables instantaneous access to a patient’s data at the level of studies, series and associated images.


Both applications are distributed by multinational companies: DocuRemote by Panasonic and ModalVision by Fujifilm. However, we have also developed an extensive distribution network in Spain, Portugal and South America.

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