Electricity Intelligent Demand-Side- and Energy-Management Exchange

Project description

===================================================================== The ITEA label on the project has been withdrawn, as the project could not start 10 months after labelling and a new project start date with a clear mitigation plan was not provided either. ===================================================================== Demand-Side Management (DSM) enables the adjustment of loads in the grid to ensure a balanced operation while simultaneously optimising the utilisation of resources in the electrical power system. Today’s DSM systems are limited to local energy grids and the load-balancing solutions within the local grid itself. A larger roll-out of the same idea can be achieved by utilising mathematical planning and machine learning methods. e-INDEX proposes a more holistic level of data integration and decision-making spanning a large-scale, inter-regional connection.

Project leader

Mehrdad Saadatmand
RISE - Research institutes of Sweden, Sweden
Project involvement AIDEMS, SmartDelta, e-INDEX
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Project publications